How to Store Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil?

How to Store Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil?

Carbon 60 (C60) is the most powerful antioxidant that you can take. Unsurprisingly, more and more people are opting to use it because of its potential health benefits. 

That said, you must consume C60 using healthy oil. In that regard, C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil may be your best option.

However, if you wish to make the most of your C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil, then you need to ensure that it is properly stored. In this guide, we'll be providing clear instructions on how to do just that. Moreover, this guide will also tackle the important question of why you should take C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil.

Storing Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil Properly

Knowing the principles of proper storage is crucial to maintaining the freshness of olive oil. There are a couple of things that can lead to premature spoilage. Namely, too much exposure to oxygen, light, and heat can leave your C60 oil rancid.1 

Listed below are some of the things you can do to prevent this:

  • Choose the Right Container - C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil should be kept in a dark-colored glass bottle. This is meant to protect the oil from too much exposure to sunlight. The last thing you want to do is store olive oil in plastic containers or metal containers made from iron or copper. Remember that these materials can cause a reaction with the oil and make it unsafe to use. Luckily, brands like C60 Power take this into account as their C60 olive oils come in amber-colored glass bottles. 
  • Place C60 Olive Oil In A Cool, Dry, and Dark Place - To make the most of its shelf life, avoid placing it in direct sunlight. A cupboard or the pantry is an ideal place as these places are usually away from heat and light. 
  • Be Mindful of the Temperature - The ideal temperature for storing oil is 57 degrees Fahrenheit though room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit) remains acceptable. If your kitchen or pantry reaches temperatures higher than that then you should consider placing it elsewhere. C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil is intended to be consumed as an antioxidant. You may drizzle it on foods such as breads or veggies, but it is not intended to cook with. You should avoid using it as a cooking oil.
  • Keep it Sealed - The importance of limiting the oil's exposure to oxygen can't be overstated. Over time, excessive oxygen exposure will affect the quality of the oil before turning it rancid. So be sure to keep the cap or lid on.

Why Drink Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil?

Now that we have discussed proper C60 Olive oil storage, we must now answer why people are choosing to take it daily. As you may have figured out from their name, these oils contain Carbon 60 (C60), a naturally-occurring molecule that has since become the subject of many scientific studies since its discovery in 1985 because of its potential benefits and applications.

What makes C60 so interesting is its molecular configuration. It closely resembles a cage-like soccer ball, with 60 carbon atoms forming a hollow sphere. Its unique molecular configuration helps explain why it has so many potential benefits and uses in the field of medicine and health sciences. 

Specifically, C60's molecular structure makes it one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. Remember that antioxidants are crucial to our cells' and tissues' self-repair mechanisms. Their primary role is to neutralize unstable molecules called free radicals. If you fail to keep a check on free radical buildup, then your cells will experience oxidative stress - a biological process that has been closely linked to premature aging and higher risks of chronic issues. 2 

Carbon 60, because of its peculiar molecular structure, actively combats free radicals at an unprecedented rate. Dubbed as a ‘free radical sponge,' it can neutralize free radicals unlike any other antioxidants that we know of. A study has found that it is at least several hundred times more effective than other conventional antioxidants. 3

Now, aside from scavenging free radicals, C60 has also been shown to do the following:

  • Lifts the Oxidative Burden at the Cellular Level - Studies have found that C60 found has protective properties against free radical damage caused by oxidative stress.4
  • Promote a Balanced Immune Response - C60 has been found to help enhance the production of white blood cells.5
  • Promote a Balanced Histamine Response - C60 has been found to inhibit the histamine responses. 6
  • Help Support Energy, Stamina and Athletic Performance - C60 has also been shown to help with mitochondrial efficiency and ATP production. This means that these antioxidants can help give you and your cells more energy throughout the day.7 

These potential health benefits make it clear why C60 in organic extra virgin olive oil is so important. However, it is also worth noting that you should only consume products with a 99.99% purity level and are graded safe for human consumption. Additionally, you should also ensure that they are sublimated - meaning they have not been diluted by any solvents. Needless to say, C60 Power is the best choice for that.


Taking your C60 antioxidants is a crucial investment in your health and wellness. That is why you should ensure that your C60 in pure, extra virgin olive oil is stored properly. Ensuring its freshness means being able to make the most of its potential benefits. So be sure to keep this guide in mind.



Ken Swartz is the founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality Carbon 60 products available. Ken earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University.