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Customer Experiences

I had been worried about my cat, Bonnie, because she had been losing weight and her fur had not been looking so good for quite some time. So, I decided to give her some C60 Purple Power…. and wow! Just six weeks later she’s gained weight and her fur looks amazing. In fact, my neighbor stopped by and asked me “What did you do to Bonnie? She looks amazing!”

Charlie S.

I am now approaching 60 years young. I am much more active and energetic since taking C60. I also noticed I am sleeping through the night. And after a couple months using C60, me and my wife are enjoying spontaneous fun in the bedroom. ;)

Jeffrey C.

I’ve been taking C60 Purple Power for well over a year. There are numerous improvements I’ve seen first-hand hand. Digestion, skin, recovery/energy, vision, nails, hair and perhaps most importantly mental clarity. There are additional benefits some of which happen inside my body thru detoxing…Yes, it’s not cheap, it’s priceless.

Jeff E.

I feel energized by taking C60. My mental state is in high gear. Overall, I believe taking C60, considering my age and conditions helps me have a daily strength level I would probably not have otherwise.


It's been 15 months. Great energy, mood, and overall boost! Feeling healthier by the day! I 💜 C60 Purple Power in MCT coconut!

Melanie F.

Great stuff. Learned about it years ago watching Leak Project.

Ricky D.

I’ve used this for almost a year now and wow, I love it. I get the C60 in MCT Coconut Oil and the energy is not just noticeable, but mood changing! And, I no longer sweat the 22 stairs I have to take to get to my apartment. I absolutely recommend this to all my friends who need some “umph” or feel brain fog.

Lori D.

Best natural product I ever used, by far!

Doug J.

Invest in this does wonders!

Jack F.

I highly recommend C60 Purple Power. I tell my friends and family, “for the love of life, buy it.”

Patrick S.

Since taking C60, I’ve felt more energetic, and younger!

Charles W.

I've applied your C60 in MCT Coconut Oil topically for various things. It works!

Joshua L.

C60 seems to be increasing my energy and I've noticed a difference on the scale too!

Richard W.

A friend told me about C60 and I've been very impressed with the results so far.

Tanya W.

C60 has been the breakthrough I needed, when nothing else seemed to help. Thank you C60 Purple Power!

Ken G.

I have used C60 Purple Power for about 5 years and it works quite well.

Charles W.

I completed my 30-Day Challenge a few weeks ago and wanted you to know I've had great results. I really noticed the difference the last two weeks towards the end of the 30-day challenge. I was amazed each morning lying in bed sensing total peace. The only thing different in my daily routine has been C60 Purple Power. I’m very grateful for this product!

Karen H.

I ordered C60 Purple Power for my dog. We’ve tried lots of things, but nothing has worked like C60! She isn't limping anymore, and her sass is off the charts! Thank you, C60 Purple Power! ❤️

Cherines P.

I’m a 73-year-old man and I have been taking C60 for a year. The benefits are unbelievable. My eyes have improved (now wearing 5-year-old glasses) clarity of thought is much better, and so much else. I would recommend C60 to anyone. Family and friends tell me how great I look! Pretty cool!

William S

I tried C60 from a recommendation on Macro Aggression podcast, just wanted to say that although I have only been using it for just over two months now I actually really see cognitive and energy benefits, that was it really just wanted to say thank you for a really good genuine product.

Laurence C.

I feel so much more energy and clarity of thinking. I have been able to do a lot more physically because now I feel like it. Before C60, I was much more comfortable not doing much. Since I started taking it, in one month I have accomplished things around my house that were waiting years to be done. Cleaning closets, organizing, even some minor gardening. I feel much more energy in general.

Diana P

After just a few days of taking C60, I noticed my brain fog cleared up and my energy was restored. Prior to taking it, I felt sluggish, and had low energy. This was mostly during the summer months where I am typically more active. My energy levels returned and no longer had brain fog. I felt clarity. I like that I can stretch out the bottle over a few months being that I feel like my normal self. When I start feeling low on energy or wake up with any brain fog, that is when I'll take it.

Konstantinos S.

I’ve recently stumbled across c60 Purple Power & have been using it now for about 2.5 weeks. I am already noticing an increase in energy, mental clarity & stamina. I feel more relaxed throughout my body. I’m excited to see what the future holds and have ordered my 2nd bottle!

Angela G.

It’s been especially great for my 16 year old dog. She was failing and got way better after Getting the C60.

Mary O.

As an elite athlete over a 20-year period, I've taken the best of the best supplements to prepare for the Olympic games, but never in my 40 plus years of living did my nails grow past my fingertips. It sounds crazy, but that's when I knew...this stuff is definitely doing something good. And it's been on my list of must haves ever since.

Tasha D.