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Just about everyone, young or old, very active or less active, could use a little more energy in their lives.

For some, a little more energy means shaving precious seconds off a race time, or adding 100 pounds to their goal lift…

For others, even a small energy boost means the difference between getting out of bed in the morning and taking care of their basic hygiene…or feeling trapped by fatigue.

But for a lot of us, it means tackling our daily tasks and chores without feeling exhausted.

Regardless of which category you fall into (or if you’re somewhere in between)…

And every bit of ATP your body uses is created in the mitochondria (often called the cells’ “power generators”) that reside in every cell in your body.

One of the unfortunate “side effects” of energy production, is free radical production. And, as you know, free radicals can damage cells—preventing them from working properly.

Because C60 is such a powerful antioxidant, it actually works inside your cells , preventing free radical damage before it can even begin.

That means the mitochondria are freed up to keep creating energy without the burdens of oxidative stress (free radical damage).1

C60’s Energy and stamina support summary

C60 increases energy production in your cells which can help give you the burst of energy you need to push yourself physically. C60 also increases muscle endurance and shortens recovery times by reducing buildup of lactic acid—the primary cause of muscle soreness.

Anthony's Favorite

"As a professional runner, I have played with lots of supplements. And, it’s taken me months of trialing C60 Purple Power to feel confident telling people how much it’s helped me…I literally eat free radicals for breakfast, but C60 Purple Power took my last training block to another level.

I will be training harder and with more miles going forward, due to C60’s recovery benefits. This stuff is the real deal."

– Anthony Kunkel, Champion Ultra Runner

Tasha's Must Have

"As an elite athlete over a 20-year period, I've taken the best of the best supplements to prepare for the Olympic games, but never in my 40 plus years of living did my nails grow past my fingertips. It sounds crazy, but that's when I knew...this stuff is definitely doing something good. And it's been on my list of must haves ever since."

– Tasha Danvers, Olympic Medalist

Connor's Go-To Workout Shake

"I love C60 Purple Power MCT Coconut Oil for both pre game smoothies, or pre practice keto coffees. It’s so easy to just drop a teaspoon in an intra workout shake or just take orally and it helps me perform at my best!"

– Connor Carrick, NHL Defenseman for the NJ Devils