What is C60 Used For?

What is C60 Used For?

What is C60 Used For?

C60, also known as Carbon 60, is recognized as “the ultimate'' antioxidant. That’s because its potency and effectiveness in relieving oxidative stress in the body is bar none. 

Antioxidants are naturally occurring molecules that work powerfully to identify destructive substances in the body and bring healing by stopping the process of oxidation. Oxidative free radicals are essentially rusting your body. Antioxidants protect against the proliferation of damage and decay within the cell, searching out free radicals and bringing them to their demise. Most antioxidants are only able to neutralize one free radical at a time, and they have to be reset after that. C60 is unique because it is able to attack free radicals and rapidly reset itself again and again. This makes Carbon 60 one of the most robust and dynamic antioxidants and the strongest defense against the degeneration of cells, slowing down aging, boosting the immune system, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, and much more.  

Where do Antioxidants Come From?

Antioxidants come from inside the body and others come from the foods we eat. The four most important antioxidants are made inside the cells. They are CoQ10, Glutathione, Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Thanks to modern science, you can now supplement with CoQ10 and with recently developed liposomal Glutathione. However, until recently, there was still no way to supplement for SOD and Catalase, that neutralize superoxide, the most damaging oxidative radical in the body. That was until Carbon 60 was discovered. Carbon 60 is a SOD/Catalase mimic and can do the job of SOD and Catalase in one step.  C60 neutralizes the damaging effects of superoxide and turns it back into oxygen.

Origins of C60

Scientists suggest that C60 has been in existence long before the formation of earth. C60 has been found in the atmospheres of stars called red giants as they boil away into space. Carbon 60 can also be found in lightning strikes, meteor impacts, and even trace amounts of 0.25% can be identified in burnt candle wicks. There is even evidence to suggest that C60 may have been a part of the formation of life on our planet. 

The Science Behind C60

The Carbon 60 molecule is shaped like a hollow soccer ball of  60 carbon atoms. Because of its spherical structure, its ability to destroy free radicals is significantly higher than other common and regularly used antioxidants. Along with protecting the cells, C60 helps to promote and build a greater immune response and aid in promoting a healthy inflammatory response in the body. C60’s benefits don’t end there as it is also useful in helping the body have a balanced response to allergies, promote energy, increase hair growth, and may even help to safeguard nerves and the nervous system. You can read more here about the research and evidence-based studies surrounding C60 and its endless benefits. 

Why Choose C60?

There are plenty of other effective antioxidants that can be used, so why is C60 considered the creme of the crop? Why do people continue to purchase C60 Products for daily use? 

The answer is simple…C60 does the best job at defending the body by lifting the oxidative burden and neutralizing free radicals. As an SOD/Catalase mimic, it is the only antioxidant that can get inside the mitochondria and increase mitochondrial efficiency. This makes C60 a popular antioxidant to boost athletic performance, support the immune system, fight the aging process, build stronger memory connections, enhance mental clarity, and much more. An added bonus of C60 is that it can be given to your pets as a safe and healthy way to strengthen their mobility, energy levels, immunity, and overall, general wellness. 

How to Choose the Right C60 Products

Because C60 can now be manufactured in a lab, the purity of this antioxidant is important to research for yourself. Not all manufacturers and brands of C60 are created equal. 

It’s critical to only purchase Carbon 60 antioxidant products that are made with sublimated, 99.99% pure C60. Sublimation is a process using evaporation, when a solid turns into a gas, and then back into a solid. Sublimation produces highly purified C60.  

Many people get confused with 99.9% or 99.95% C60. It's important to note that these numbers denote a decrease in purity and the risk of chemical solvents remaining in the Carbon 60 product. Look for C60 products that are sublimated and 99.99% pure.  Sublimated C60 ensures your product was never exposed to solvents.  

C60 Power is proud to offer the purest and of highest quality products available in the industry. The company utilizes all natural and organic ingredients. These products have never been exposed to solvents, are made with 99.99% pure, sublimated Carbon 60, and are made with healthy, organic oils including organic MCT coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic avocado oil.

C60 Oils

Carbon 60 Oils can be easily included into your morning routine by adding C60 to a cup of coffee, tea, drizzled on your favorite foods such as soup or salad, or even taken straight off a teaspoon each morning. It is suggested to increase your water intake while consuming C60 oil products. Discover more C60 oil products here

C60 for the Skin

Carbon 60 can also be applied to the skin via topical application products such as roll ons, massage oil, facial serums and eye creams. The antioxidant power of C60 helps to improve the look of the skin, lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, may accelerate wound healing and the appearance of scarring, can aid in healing irritated skin from allergic reactions and mosquito bites, and much more. The C60 Skin roll-on bottle can be applied to any area of the body including the face, all without making a mess. 

C60 Gummies

Carbon 60 can also be integrated into a daily immunity boost routine via C60 gummies. You can find these gummies here. Made with a delicious tart cherry flavor, these C60 gummies help your body fight infections and strengthen your immune response. An added bonus is the option to choose sugar-free gummies made with allulose and monk fruit.  

C60 Massage Oil

The Carbon 60 antioxidant power can also be infused into massage oils that are completely safe, natural, and even edible. C60 Power offers a scentless C60 Sexy edible massage oil in a convenient pump bottle. Can your next relaxing massage experience also help you build greater intimacy and connection with your partner, or yourself? Try C60 Sexy today to find out.

C60 for Your Pets

C60 can even be shared with your pets to help them support their energy, longevity, and mobility. Try C60 Power Pet products today to see the benefits. You’ll be happy to see your pets living their best life with the antioxidant support of Carbon 60.

C60 is the Right Choice

Choosing Carbon 60 as the ultimate antioxidant to include in your daily routine is the right choice. Not only does this powerful antioxidant boost the health of you and your pets, it works at the cellular level, where change matters most. Do you think C60 has the potential to change the course of your overall lifetime wellness? Try it today and let us know… 


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Ken Swartz is the founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality Carbon 60 products available. Ken earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University.