Carbon 60 (C60) for Cats

C60 for Cats

If you are a cat parent, then you understand how precious our feline friends are. While they may seem distant and aloof, most are caring and affectionate creatures who love you unconditionally. They mean the world to us and they never fail to make your day better. That said, as responsible pet owners, we must ensure that we are doing everything we can for our furry friends. Aside from regular visits to the vet, what else can you do to support your cat’s health? Read on to discover how a Nobel Prizing winning, super antioxidant, Carbon 60 (C60) may support your cat’s health and potentially even play a factor with longevity.

What is Carbon 60 (C60) for Cats?

Now, for those unfamiliar with Carbon 60, C60 is a naturally-occurring molecule that has been lauded by the scientific community for its properties and potential applications. Aside from its health benefits for humans, studies have shown that C60 may support your cat’s health and wellness. Many of its properties and purported benefits stem from C60’s unique molecular configuration. Its 60 carbon atoms form a sphere reminiscent of a soccer ball. Specifically, this enables C60 to be one of the most efficacious antioxidants that we know of. It is at least several hundred times more effective than conventional antioxidants - this has led scientists to dub C60 as a free radical sponge in a study.1 As you are probably aware, excessive free radical buildup can be detrimental to one’s physical well-being. This is true not only for humans but our feline friends as well. This is because it can lead to oxidative stress which leaves irreparable damage to cells and tissues. This not only hastens and exacerbates the effects of aging but it has also been known to lead to serious diseases for your beloved pet. C60 neutralizes free radicals by balancing these unstable atoms. Because of its unique molecular structure, C60 can accept and donate electrons from free radicals and render it inert. Interestingly, aside from preventing oxidative stress, C60 is also able to improve your pet’s energy levels. This is due to C60’s ability to enhance mitochondrial efficiency and energy production at the cellular level. This means that your cat will have more energy for playtime.2

Addressing Common Conditions with Carbon 60 for Cats

As a super antioxidant, C60 can help address some of the underlying causes behind many of the common feline ailments. For instance, due to its anti-inflammatory properties3, C60 may help older cats with discomfort, mobility, energy, and vitality. In addition to this, C60 also promotes your cat’s general well-being by effectively improving your cat’s metabolic and cellular functions. This means that the risk of obesity becomes less of a problem as your cat’s metabolism becomes optimized. Moreover, a common side effect of C60 consumption for cats is a shiny and healthy coat.

C60 FAQs for Cats

Is Carbon 60 for cats safe?

Absolutely. C60 is not only safe for cats to consume, it is extremely beneficial for them. By lifting the oxidative burden at the cellular level, your cat may experience higher energy levels and may enjoy ease in mobility with C60, as well as support with overall health.

Can C60 be administered to older cats?

C60 is ideal for aging pets as it promotes healthy cellular function and helps protect them from the ravages of aging. Your older cat who appears to be dealing with fatigue, stress, or mobility issues, may notice relief when C60 is incorporated into their daily routine.

What is the recommended C60 Dosage for Cats?

⅛ teaspoon, or around 20 drops, a day is the recommended C60 dosage for cats. How Do I Give C60 to my Cat? The best way to provide C60 is by mixing it in your cat’s food.

How Do I Choose the Best Carbon 60 for Cats?

When it comes to pet supplements, you should make sure that it goes through a rigorous testing process at third-party laboratories to ensure that you are giving your cat the best C60 supplement. Quality, purity, and safety should be the main things to look out for. Moreover, you should look for C60 supplements that are 99.99% pure. Preferably, choose the brands that utilize 99.99% pure, sublimated carbon C60, in organic, healthy oils such as C60 Power.



Ken Swartz is the founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality Carbon 60 products available. Ken earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University.