Nobel Prize Winning Molecule Proven To Smooth The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Dark Circles, And Fine Lines

So You Look Years Younger


It’s such a shame women keep buying more and more random skincare products in an effort to restore their youthful looks.



Well according to a leading US Dermatologist, most creams and serums you’ll find at the store won’t help you smooth the appearance of wrinkles…

Because they don’t contain effective, high quality ingredients to make any real difference.

The truth is… the trillion-dollar beauty industry is driven by sneaky corporations who are only interested in profits.

Which means they only really care about selling you the latest trendy products that promise you a youthful, refreshed looking appearance…

But instead, leave you staring in the mirror…

Distressed by the ever-deepening lines and dark circles that steal your confidence and that youthful sparkle.

But today I’m here to reveal the truth about the beauty industry…

Who’ve been keeping a HUGE secret from you for DECADES...

All because they want to keep raking in the big bucks and cash in on your desperation to restore youth and beauty.

In a moment, I'm going to spill the beans plus reveal…

The Nobel Prize Winning Discovery That Completely Changed My Appearance


What’s surprising is this breakthrough literally came from outer space…

And it’s considered the most powerful antioxidant on Earth that very few skincare experts know about.

Today, this discovery is transforming the lives of thousands of women…

Helping them practically soften eye wrinkles, fade dark circles, and diminish crow's feet in just weeks.

I’ll show you how YOU can use this Nobel-prize winning breakthrough to restore the youthfulness around your eyes… starting TODAY.

You see, I spent 7 years searching for real answers to restore my health and bring back my youthful look.

And when I met a brilliant scientist who shared this Nobel Prize-winning discovery with me… EVERYTHING changed.

And knowing the skincare industry sells products that play on your fears of aging just to make more money…well that's just wrong.

And I knew I had to speak out and reveal the power of this natural molecule I’ll bet you’ve never heard of.

There's a reason why finding an Effective EYE treatment feels impossible

And it’s not by chance.

These corporate giants have been hiding this breakthrough solution from you…

Pushing you towards their expensive, ineffective products, which is why you’ve never heard of this solution until now.

But with this new Nobel Prize Winning discovery I’ll share with you in a moment…

You regain the power.

You take back control of your youthful appearance.

You’ll see radiant, glowing skin smiling back at you when you look in the mirror.

The eye wrinkles will soften and smooth...

All WITHOUT draining your bank account on high-priced brands or products that never deliver.

With this Age-Defying Secret…

You can go from feeling invisible and self conscious to radiating confidence and youthful allure…

Leading to more compliments, renewed self-esteem, and the joy of looking as young as you feel.

In fact, when you use this secret to rejuvenate your eyes…

You’ll even defy the common myths of aging…

And start a brand new chapter in your life…

Where every day is filled with confidence, beauty, youth and a sense of empowerment.

So if you’re tired of false promises and ineffective products…

And if you want to enjoy the confidence boost and endless joy of youthful, sparkling eyes…

Then keep watching this new video while it’s still online.

You can start using this Nobel Prize winning breakthrough today…

To see your eye wrinkles and dark circles vanish, revealing the youthful, radiant eyes you deserve.

And hey, don't just take my word for it. Join women like Jamie and Amber who’ve already experienced life changing results.

"You have created a masterpiece, and my face gets to benefit from it. I get to age in reverse now. Thank you!"

- Jamie H.

"OMG. I love it. And I have stopped wearing makeup because my skin feels so luxurious."

- Amber S.

My name is Jessica MacNaughton.

First off, I'm not a dermatologist or a medical expert.

But I do know first hand the shock of looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger -- someone tired, with wrinkles, creased eyes and dark circles.

Not to mention looking worn out -- even on your best days.

So, I understand the insecurities and self-consciousness you might feel.

But today, all of these issues are all behind me.

And now a vibrant, younger me stares back in the mirror.

Those pesky wrinkles and dark circles? Gone, like I’ve turned back time. And you’ll see how I did this in a moment.

Now this story is personal and hard for me to tell. But I know it will help you.

So stick with me as I’m about to share…

How A Chance Encounter With A Leading Scientist Led Me On A Journey To Discover The Ultimate Solution To Slow The Aging Process

See, I spent most of my early career in commercial real estate…

A very competitive, male-dominated industry…

So looking good and feeling great was essential to my success.

Turning heads with my sharp, youthful appearance wasn’t just “nice” – it was my secret weapon.

However, by the time I hit 40…

The chronic stress of work and my busy lifestyle caught up with me…

And the long hours took a toll on my body.

My days stretched from 14 to even 18 hours.

In the rush of caring for others, I neglected myself. Which is common for women like us, right?

And soon, every wrinkle and tired line on my face told the same story.

It wasn’t long before the demands of the busy, hectic lives many of us live started to drain my enthusiasm...

My health was failing. My energy was shot, and I could barely keep myself together. And I was only 40.

The stress of decades of work and life began to show on my face, especially around my eyes.

And before I knew it, the person in the mirror seemed like a stranger to me.

Have you ever felt this way?

That moment when you realize the reflection doesn't match how you feel inside?

Maybe you can relate.

And now, you might be feeling the same sense of despair I did.

But hold on – because there's new hope.

In just a few moments, I'll share the breakthrough that not only restored my youthful appearance, but also reignited my zest for life.

Today, I'm 47 years old, and I look and feel at least a decade younger.

It's easier than you think, and this discovery truly changed everything for me.

Because the second my looks started to fade...

People started judging me solely on my aging appearance.

Harsh, but true. My self-esteem was being sucked away…

And every day I couldn’t believe what age had done to me.

No matter what I tried...

The stubborn wrinkles and persistent dark circles under my eyes just wouldn't fade away.

And look, I tried everything under the sun...

High-end moisturizers, drugstore serums, the works.

Top-rated collagen powders and supplements...

Even spent thousands of dollars at the dermatologist and esthetician trying natural remedies because injections weren't for me.

I tried it all -- and spent a fortune in the process.

Months went by and my skin would continue to wrinkle, crease, and sag.

Big brand moisturizers, serums, and supposedly safe injections gave temporary fixes...

But the truth is… even if I looked younger for an evening...

I’d still wake up feeling exhausted and looking old.

Even despite lifestyle changes and diet tracking, nothing slowed the aging process.

Nothing could soften my eye wrinkles, fine lines and droopy under eye bags.

So look, I know how frustrating and soul-crushing it is to try every cream, every trend, every diet…

And still, every morning… look and feel worse than the women around the same age as you.

It feels like a prisoner trapped in the body of a stranger, watching everyone else live their best life is painful for us.

So I know how you feel.

My youth, energy, and whole identity were stolen in the process.

I felt like such a failure.

It was all so hopeless I was ready to give up...

And that's when things got even worse.

I started to isolate and withdraw from the world...

Hiding away when I should have been loving the best years of my life.

But carrying the weight of time was exhausting.

Each night, as I lay in bed, my mind raced with worries, self-doubt and negative thoughts, stealing any chance of peaceful sleep.

If you've ever felt your reflection doesn't truly represent the vibrant person you are inside…

You're not alone

I've been there.

Staring into the mirror, seeing the fatigue, the wrinkles, age lines, feeling a pang of lost youth. It's more than skin-deep…

It's about losing a piece of ourselves.

Now Reclaiming Your Youthful Glow And Confidence Is Within Reach Using This Natural Solution

Shortly I'll reveal the simple yet powerful discovery that transformed my life and could do the same for you.

Honestly, I was on the brink of giving up when fate intervened.

Because in my desperate search for a solution…

My friend introduced me to a man by the name of Ken Swartz.

Or 'Ken the Scientist' as he's known in wellness circles.

He spent years running research labs and stumbled upon a strange molecule that was first accidentally discovered in 1985 by three brilliant scientists…

Who ended up winning the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

And this might sound crazy...

When more researchers conducted careful analysis of this molecule's unique structure...

They were blown away by what they found.

Because this Nobel Prize winning molecule was literally first found, naturally formed in outer space!

This natural molecule is now widely considered the single most powerful antioxidant ever studied.


Well this powerful molecule works deep at the cellular level to rejuvenate cells and soak up free radicals which are the main cause of aging….

So your body can restore itself naturally.

When Ken first tested this Nobel Prize Winning molecule on himself…

He experienced a remarkable health transformation.

And ever since, he’s been focused on helping as many as possible to take back control over their health too.

So when I met Ken for the first time...

He told the full story about how these scientists won a Nobel Prize for this discovery….

And how it had helped transform his health...

He gave me a sample and insisted I try it.

I looked at the bottle and was very skeptical -- as any smart woman would be.

Actually, skeptical was an understatement.

I really didn't know what this stuff was...

And I didn’t believe it would make any difference in my life.

But Ken was adamant this Nobel Prize winning molecule would help me…

So he kept pestering me to try it out.

Finally after months… I went online and looked up these research studies for myself.

And I was shocked by what I found.

Turns out...

This Nobel Prize winning molecule Ken was talking about had been proven in study after study to work deep at the cellular level to protect your cells against free radical damage

And it worked like a powerful "free radical" sponge...

Which means this rare, natural molecule soaks up all the toxins and nasties in your body that steal your energy and youth.

There was even research showing this Nobel Prize winning molecule supports energy production...

Promotes a balanced immune and allergy response...

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and even promotes hair growth.

The scientific proof this molecule really worked was undeniable.

So once I understood all the research, I finally tried it for myself.

And then I realized first hand WHY this molecule was such a game changer.

Because over time… my whole life completely changed.

It was a subtle difference at first, but still noticeable.

After a couple of days, I didn’t feel as tired as I used to be.

So I kept using it.

But after a few months...

My body was bursting with energy again.

I had more energy to handle all the stress that life was throwing at me...

And more energy to make better and different decisions.

It felt like my cells were being
recharged from the inside out

And all the fatigue that had been weighing me down for years had vanished.

I finally felt "unstuck"...

And started to feel more alive, more free, and more hopeful than ever…

All because I had this newfound energy to do all the things I loved.

The results just kept getting better and better!

My fine, brittle hair started to grow…not just a little, but a lot!

And I had a long ponytail for the first time in 20 years.


And I family felt like myself again.

Because I was undoing all the damage I’d done to my body from years of overworking myself.

But as great as I felt on the inside...

Now The Problem Was I Didn’t Look As Young On The Outside As I Felt Inside

Every morning when I looked in the mirror...

More and more wrinkles were popping up out of nowhere and the fine lines around my eyes gave me a tired, dull look.

At that point, I just wished I could look as good as I felt inside.

Because while I was able to solve my physical energy problems and get my life back…

I still had those noticeable signs of aging on my face.

So I thought...

What if I could apply this Nobel Prize Winning molecule topically?

And get that same energy that’s rejuvenating the cells inside my body to do the same with my appearance?

Good thing I remembered I’d already reviewed the science showing this was possible…

But I decided to look further into it.

Because I discovered what could be the true cause of aging skin...

And a surprising reason why we get more and more wrinkles as we age…

And WHY the moisturizers, serums and natural remedies I was using didn’t work.

While most of us worry about the more telltale signs of “looking old”...

Like forehead wrinkles and fine lines, loose, saggy skin, dullness, and an uneven skin tone...

Research shows the #1 thing that makes us look
MUCH older than our real age is...

Our eyes.

And let me explain why.

You’re probably familiar with the fact that the skin around your eyes, face, hands or even the skin on your legs is all different.

Just gently touch the skin under your eyes now… and now touch the palm of your hands…

You can feel the difference, right?

So if you’ve used eye creams, high end moisturizers, and “wrinkle serums” before…

And you still look in the mirror and see fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles…

Your eyes still look tired, droopy and more elderly-looking than ever…

There’s ONE simple reason why.

The skin around your eyes is VERY hard to take care of.

Harvard dermatologists agree: The skin around your eyes is one of the toughest areas to maintain, needing special care.

That’s because the skin around your eyes is thinner…

Like a delicate piece of paper…

So it’s more fragile and wrinkles more easily than thicker skin on other hands, arms and legs.

Why is te skin around our eyes so thin?

Three reasons:

There’s less collagen.

And sure, you’ve probably heard about collagen.

Collagen are the fibers that give skin strength and structure…Which is essential for keeping youthful looks.

Multiple studies show we lose collagen at a rate of about 1-2% per year.

But that’s only half the story.

Because new research published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology has revealed a new surprising culprit for accelerated collagen loss.

And look, I bet you’ve never heard of this before… It was even news to me.

You see, researchers discovered that as you age, and any time you’re out in the sun…

There’s a little known enzyme naturally produced in your body that many skincare experts overlook, which accelerates collagen breakdown.

It’s called Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)...

But I refer to this as the "wrinkle Enzyme"

Because this enzyme acts like a pair of scissors which cuts through the collagen fibers…

Causing MORE wrinkles, crows, feet and sagging skin.

But here’s the where it gets worse, because in an an eye opening study published in Cell Transplant…

Experts found when your skin is exposed to UV radiation…

Levels of this wrinkle enzyme skyrocket.

That means if you’ve spent too much time in the sun, your collagen loss is turbocharged leading to more wrinkles, fine lines and firmness.

And get this -- turns out it’s not just UV radiation from the sun that increases the wrinkle enzyme…

But also exposure to blue light from digital screens.

That means that even if you hide inside all day...

If you’re using a phone, computer monitor or watching TV…

You're still not safe.

Yet this is only one part of the problem.

Because under eye skin is so thin, moisture can easily escape.

That means your eyes dry out faster than anywhere else on your body…

Giving your eyes that droopy, wrinkled look we all hate.

That’s a huge problem because “dried out” skin cells die, wrinkle, and sag quickly…

While moisturized, hydrated cells are smooth, firm, plump, young looking.

That’s why your eyes can be the first area that shows your age.

Makes sense, right?

And that’s why spending money on expensive collagen boosters or overpriced moisturizers is not a recipe for a youthful look.

Because while other creams try to moisturize sagging skin… and yes it works to some extent…

The under eye skin is a huge problem.

Like I said, it’s thinner. Thin skin loses its structure faster. And dries out faster.

Problem is most moisturizers
don’t hydrate aging eyes

Plus they are not targeted to support collagen production to restore youthfulness to your eyes.

That’s why collagen alone is unlikely to be the answer...

And sure, we need a way to hydrate to restore thickness to the skin...

To stop the loss of collagen and moisture from stealing our youthful look.

Simple enough, right?

Now, you’re probably wondering what this Nobel Prize winning molecule actually is?

And how you can use it to smooth the appearance of eye wrinkles to bring back a youthful appearance.

The Natural Molecule Is Called "Carbon 60"
Or C60 For Short

And like I said earlier...

The research shows C60 is like a super strong sponge that soaks up bad molecules called 'free radicals' that can cause wrinkles.

Plus it’s proven to be a super-powerful antioxidant to protect your skin cells…

Several hundred-fold more effective than the normal antioxidants you’d find in regular creams.

Check out this research:

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study conducted by renowned scientists in Japan…

Researchers studied the effect of applying C60 in shea butter to the skin of middle aged women.

They didn’t change their lifestyle or do anything else different.

After applying C60 in shea butter daily around their wrinkled, aging eyes...

These women saw visible improvements in less than 4 weeks using C60!

Because they use the “vacuum oven-baked” method which uses toxic solvents like toluene. That’s their sneaky way to save money.

And as you can imagine - it’s lower grade, not purified and ends up being toxic.

That’s why we went to great lengths to track down a manufacturer who produces 99.99% pure sublimated C60 in shea butter, which is the highest quality and most effective available.

Yet while this one discovery of C60 is enough to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles and restore your skin… I didn’t stop there.

Because if I was going to formulate a cream to apply under my eyes, I wanted it to be the best and most effective on the market.

In fact, I had a vision to create a formula that would allow women of any age to experience the most impressive results of their life.

Turns out that’s easier said than done.

Luckily, I’d made some incredible connections over the years…

And worked with over 300 different doctors, researchers and anti aging experts.

So I reached out to my team of superstars, and asked them if it was possible to create a formula that was specifically designed to help target the eye wrinkles, fine lines and restore youthfulness with a vibrant glow.

They recommended that we combine at least 8 more clinically backed natural ingredients that work in synergy with C60…

To boost collagen and give a youthful, plump appearance…

And help restore that youthful sparkle and work wonders for your eyes…

So any woman can feel vibrant, alive and comfortable in her own skin again.

Ingredient #1: Copper Peptides

You’ve probably seen copper peptides in other products and it’s nothing new to you…but what I’m about to share IS new so stay with me.

Because you’ve never seen copper peptides used like this before. When you combine C60 with copper peptides…

The C60 soaks up the free radicals which causes your skin to wrinkle…

And at the same time allows the copper peptides to quickly activate and boost the production of collagen and elastin…

Helping to firm the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes a more youthful appearance.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology… the 37 women who applied copper peptides twice daily for a few months saw amazing results!

These women were over the moon… reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles boost in collagen production, making the skin look firmer and smoother.

Ingredient #2: Tocopheryl Acetate

Better known as Vitamin E, this powerful antioxidant has been proven to fight off free radicals that damage the skin.

It helps repair and build tissue, and when applied to the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and keeps the skin healthy and youthful-looking.

Research shows applying tocopheryl acetate can significantly reduce wrinkles and roughness. Plus boost collagen production to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Ingredient #3: Natural caffeine

Turns out caffeine isn't just for your morning boost, it’s amazing for your skin. But don’t worry, you don’t have to put coffee grains on your eyes.

Caffeine tightens blood vessels to reduce the appearance of puffiness and perks up your skin by flushing out toxins.

And guess what? It also plumps up your skin by boosting collagen, which means you’ll see a smoother appearance and wrinkles soften.

Plus a 2014 study by Polish researchers that found caffeine reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin elasticity, and boosts collagen production.

Ingredient #4: Avocado oil

Plus contains antioxidants that boost elasticity and collagen, meaning fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

In fact, South Korean researchers tested avocado oil on 20 women.

After just a few weeks, these ladies were glowing! The appearance of wrinkles diminished… and around their skin looked stronger and firmer. Exactly what you need for a radiant, glowing look!

That’s what gives your eyes the smooth, taut, youthful glow.

Plus 4 More BONUS Ingredients
Inside This Rejuvenating Eye Cream


a skin protectant with properties to help hydrate the skin, plus improve elasticity for a smooth appearance.

Argan Oil

which you might be familiar with for reducing hair damage and frizz… this oil is also a natural moisturizer that protects the skin from sun damage.

Olive M1000

derived from olive oil… and acts as a moisturizer and is rich in antioxidants to support skin hydration, protecting and soothing the skin -- while also supporting the skin’s natural barrier at the same time.

Gransil Blur

which scientists now believe can provide a “smoothing effect” and instantly improve skin appearance by reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Once I started using this eye formula every day...
My eyes looked brighter...

The wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles began to fade…

And my appearance was more radiant than it had been in years.

I loved waking up and looking in the mirror…

And felt more confident stepping out into the world.

Even better….my friends started to compliment me on the drastic change in my appearance.

They couldn’t believe how great I looked and started asking for my secret too.

Now I’d personally experienced the power of this formula…

The only thing left to do was to share it with the public.

To be honest, we were all a bit worried at first.

Since there are plenty of products out there formulated with the best intentions…

But it doesn't always make a huge difference.

So when we didn’t hear anything back from our very first users right away…

We got nervous that maybe we'd missed the mark.

But then, it happened.

One by one...

Heartfelt emails from people who were using this formula were landing in my inbox.

Women in their 40s, 50s like:

“I have been using the C60 Antigravity Serum and Youth Renewal Eye Cream for 3-4 weeks. I found that these high-quality products have natural ingredients and have helped with the dry flaky skin around my eyes and ears. It has also smoothed the skin and look and feel of my turkey neck. My skin feels amazing, and I will continue to use these products.”

- Dr. Achina Stein, age 60

“These products are amazing. I love C60 as an antioxidant because it helps with oxidative stress which is what causes us to age. I put a little around my eyes and a little around my mouth. In just a few weeks, I have noticed a reduction of fine lines, more smooth skin, and my skin texture has improved.”

- Betty Murray, over 50

“Adding C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream and C60 Anti-Gravity Serum into my daily routine has become game changer for my antiaging skincare routine.”

- Dr. Amie Hornaman, over 50

“I just started using C60 Anti-Gravity Serum C60 + Youth Renewal Eye Cream together. It feels really good on my skin. Smells amazing. Please, de-wrinkle me! 😉“

- Melissa G, age 45

“This is such a high-quality skincare product. I feel spoiled and I love it”

– Jamie F, age 38

And now you can experience this too.

I can say this with 100% certainty because after 5 years…

I have watched thousands of people go on our C60 Journey and I even receive what I call “love letters” from people every single day…

From all over the world…

Who are experiencing the life changing benefits of C60.

And my health transformation using C60 was so profound…

Ken and I decided to team up and work together to spread the word of C60 to the public.

We’re on a mission and dedicated to helping people take back control of their appearance, improve their health and reclaim the energy, clarity, focus and beautiful vitality of their youth.

And now, I’m so excited to introduce our:

C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream

The ultimate formula containing 99.99% pure sublimated C60 in organic shea butter…

Plus, powerful anti-aging peptides and natural regenerative ingredients support a youthful appearance around your eyes.

C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream combats the visible signs of aging under your eyes by:
  • Smoothing out your fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plumping up your skin and boosting collagen production
  • Lifting and tightening your sagging areas
  • Restoring and rehydrating your skin's radiant, even-toned clarity
  • Protecting you from the toxic effects UV damage

The formula C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream contains scientifically correct doses of age fighting ingredients to help support a more youthful appearance.

Plus it’s clinically shown to lessen the appearance of eye wrinkles and fine lines in weeks…

So your thin, sagging skin around the eyes…

The dryness….

The wrinkles and crow’s feet…

And those deep creases and dark circles can ALL be diminished in less time than you think.

It’s the most remarkable beauty formula for targeting the eye area and I’ve got all my girlfriends and family hooked on it too.

Especially after they saw the transformation in my appearance.

This formula is in a league of its own and doesn't even come close to the run of the mill moisturizers and magic lotions on the market today.

And it's really easy to use.

Just gently apply the C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream like this - begin at the outer corner and delicately work your way around the eye area. It’s very simple.

Do this morning and evening like a fun little beauty ritual and let it do its magic.

You’ll notice the lightweight serum feels soft and luxurious as it glides over your skin and absorbs quickly…

Without leaving your skin feeling sticky or greasy.

Within weeks...

You’ll look in the mirror and say “wow, I can’t believe it, it works.”
And the next thing you’re going to say is “wow, is that really me?”
And you know what you’re going to say next?
“I deserve this. And I’m going to do it for me.”

And you’ll finally remember what it’s like to love looking in the mirror every morning!

C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream is made with 99.99% pure, sublimated Carbon 60 in shea butter and never exposed to solvents.

Every single batch is third-party tested for purity, quality, concentration, and bioavailability.

Yes, it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. We are passionate about restoring youthful eyes the natural way, and we guarantee it’s:
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Phthalates
  • NO Sulfates
  • NO Chemical
  • NO Toxic Chemicals

Every bottle is also non-toxic, free of fillers and “junk” and has no known side effects.

It's ethical too...

Animals are our friends and we'd never test on them.

But best of all...

It only takes 10 seconds a day to see all the benefits of this beauty transforming formula.

Now I can’t speak for everyone. And I know women who’ve paid huge sums of money getting injections and other surgeries so they look better with age…

Seeing how much confidence and excitement they have for life even in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s…

I'm sure many would agree it's worth every dollar.

What would it be worth to YOU to finally look in the mirror and love what you see?

Seriously, I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine it right now.

How much would it be worth to finally feel comfortable in your own skin?

How much is cherishing every moment of your life worth to you?

How much would you spend to never worry whether your friends and family are quietly judging you for how much you’ve aged?

I know that most women would agree, they’d pay almost any price they could reasonably afford for something like this.

And it’s not about being “vain” or “superficial…”

It’s about feeling more youthful and free…

It's about being your authentic self...

It’s about living your best possible life and enjoying every precious moment...

And it’s really about loving yourself -- the one thing as women we sometimes forget to do.

So don’t worry…All of this can be experienced now without breaking the bank.

All I care about is helping as many women as possible experience the same life changing results I’ve seen using C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream.

However keep in mind...

C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream is a “premium” product and expensive to make.

From the high quality, 99.99% pure Carbon 60 in shea butter plus the other natural ingredients… to the expensive processing techniques…to paying for expensive 3rd party testing and shipping.

All those costs add up.

But we’re more concerned with creating a formula that actually WORKS to give you a youthful appearance, soften eye wrinkles and gives you a radiant look… rather than cut any corners.

So you can probably understand why we priced C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream at $94 per 1-month supply.

And I know you might be thinking that sounds like a lot.

But once you think all the BENEFITS you’ll get from C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream, suddenly it doesn’t seem like much.

I mean think about how great you would feel seeing a youthful, glowing appearance every time you looked in the mirror…

Imagine seeing the sparkle in your eyes again…

Or just think about how GOOD you’ll feel all day long?

You deserve to feel amazing and proud of your appearance each and every day.

That’s why today we’ve set aside a number of discounted bottles…

So we can make it very easy for you to try this exciting breakthrough that still not enough women know about.

There’s no huge mark-up to a cheap and nasty product like most things in the beauty industry

This formula with C60 is a life saver and I know it’s going to change your life.

So even though I’m not sure how long we’ll keep today’s special price going…

Right now, there are a handful of bottles set aside at a hugely discounted rate to thank you for spending your precious time with me today.

I truly don’t know how many we have in stock as we speak. But usually when we get a shipment, the bottles fly off the shelf because it’s become so popular.

But before you place your order…

You and I both know the secret to a timeless look is being consistent.

And using C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream has turned into a fun little ritual that helps me feel good in the morning and unwind at night…

And it’s something I can look forward to and count on even after a chaotic day.

Yet there’s nothing worse than loving the way you look…

Only to run out of the one thing that ever really worked.

And what’s worse is not being able to get more because we ran out of stock.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to see those wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness come back?

And lose your confidence and just feel awful again?

That’s the last thing I want for you.

That’s why I recommend picking up a 3 or 6 month supply to start with since that seems to be the “sweet spot” where most women tell us they’re blown away by the results.

Plus with the global supply chain issues and everything else going on in the world right now, there could be delays and shipping problems.

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C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream

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Or wear sunglasses all the time to hide your eyes.

A life where eye wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles are no longer a burden.

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Saver Best Price

Single Bottle
1 pack


Power Pack
3 pack Save 30%


$197.40 Total

Bundle & Save
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$150.40 Total

What is C60 Youth Renewal Eye Cream with C60?

“C60” is short for Carbon 60, a molecule found in nature and considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants known.

Is C60 Safe?
How does C60 work to help improve your appearance?
Why is our C60 better than other C60 oils on the market?
Who should not use C60?