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Nuclear Fusion Scientist Issues Warning:

Armor Up Against the Modern "Ionic Storm"

Breakthrough "Radiation Sponge" that targets your cells to address decades of:

✅ Low Energy
✅ Brain Fog
✅ Poor Sleep
✅ Painful Joints
✅ Low Libido
✅ Chronic Fatigue
Sluggish Immune System
✅ Memory Problems

Ken "the Scientist" Swartz

Nuclear scientist -> C60PP Radiation Sponge Creator

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Nobody tells you this, but… 

The cells in your body are deteriorating faster than we’ve EVER seen before!

That means that the younger the generation is, the faster they’re  dying… It’s absolutely terrifying.

Human health is declining at a turbo-speed rate, faster than ever before. 

What’s causing it?

An unseen, silent killer, that wreaks constant (24/7) havoc on your body. 

And the worst part is…  

This invisible, radioactive poison goes undetected and by the time its side effects show up, the damage is already done.   

And yes, you heard that correctly.  

When I say radioactive – I mean “Radiation.” 

Specifically, Ionic Radiation doesn't just come from ⚠️ nuclear warfare or a ☢️ reactor meltdown… 

A nuclear power plant located in Chernobyl, a city in Ukraine, where in April of 1986, the Russians experienced the worst disaster in the history of nuclear power generation. The area has been abandoned ever since and is still highly radioactive to this day. 

It’s much more common than that.

The exact same type of Ionic Radiation that comes from:

⦿ Radon gas (the kind you find in your home)

⦿ Smoke detectors (this one is especially bad)

⦿ New building materials

⦿ 5G communication waves & towers

⦿ The process of generating power (from any source)

⦿And even your phone, tablet, and earbuds too!

⦿ Your TV and Microwave

Exposure to just a little bit of this stuff isn’t so bad… 

And your body immediately works to protect itself whenever that happens.

Unfortunately, your body just isn’t equipped to deal with modern society’s “toxic soup” environment. 

Even nature is doing all it can… 

And then, eventually…

Everything starts breaking down. (Thanks to what scientists like to call: "Oxidative Stress.”)

But an emerging scientific breakthrough found in a strange “Soccer-Ball Molecule” has scientists and doctors alike, STUNNED…

But now, there’s a solution that’s so targeted, it actually locates and rushes directly to your struggling or damaged cells and repairs them.

Think of it like emergency first responders… 

When your cells get attacked by free radicals… (highly reactive/ unstable molecules made by your body after exposure to toxins in your environment.)

THIS SBM (Soccer Ball Molecule) immediately goes to work. 

It’s as if your cells could dial 9-1-1, and immediately were met with an army of these molecules, showing up to your rescue. 

I’ll explain more about this process in a minute, but honestly… 

There’s nothing else like it!

And here’s what you get — thanks to modern science and the SBM:

Youthful Energy

Mental Clarity & Sharpness 

Restful Sleep

Bend and Move Easier

Greater Athletic Performance & Recovery 

Boost Libido, Interest, & Desire

Support Immune System

Improve Memory & Brain Function

Younger Looking Skin

Support Hair & Nail Growth

Slow Down The Hands Of Time, Inside Your Cells and Even On Your Face

It’s the same reason why…

Forbes calls it… “The Best Thing For Anti-Aging."

The National Library of Medicine recognizing that although still early in its development, says it’s… “Promising in clinical performance.” 

Research Gate found it to… “Open new possibilities in the therapy and prevention of [Muscle Fatigue.]

It’s no wonder why the scientists who discovered this groundbreaking discovery were all awarded the The Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 1996!

And why so many others continue to Use IT…

⬇Doctor Testimonials⬇

And now you can experience the same solution for yourself… 

A solution that doesn’t involve any: 

🚫 Doctor's Appointments
🚫 Prescriptions/Drugs
🚫 Unnecessary Tests​
🚫 Needles/ Surgeries​
🚫 OR… Harmful Side Effects…

And takes less than 10 seconds a day to use, every morning

I’ll tell you exactly how it all works in just a second…

But first, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Ken Swartz.

I’m NOT your typical scientist…

I don’t just sit behind my desk with my head buried in books all day long.

I work on the leading edge of innovation, solving huge problems that plague humanity...

Over the past 5 years, I have been laser focused on creating new ways to help people take back control over their health.

I actually stumbled across This SBM and started taking it regularly as a radiation protectant while working on a fusion energy project called MOXY Fusion.

Yes, I worked on an actual fusion reactor.

You probably remember the terrible nuclear power plant meltdown that happened in Japan (Fukushima) back in 2011. That disaster is what inspired me to find a more efficient and safe form of nuclear fusion energy, and it's also what led me to understand the power of this SBM.

Fukushima Daiichi Accident, a nuclear meltdown caused by a major earthquake disabling the power supply and cooling of the reactors. (Mar. 11, 2011)

BTW, did you know that Fukushima still causes major issues today? The initial meltdown happened over a decade ago but and radiation STILL pours into the air, including the Pacific Ocean… 

And where does it end popping up in your day-to-day life?

It impacts the water that you drink, and all of your favorite foods (dairy, veggies, seafood, even WINE) produced in California, Oregon, Washington State, Vancouver BC, etc…  Including products you use on a regular basis!

This is why when I started working on the MOXY fusion reactor project, I knew I needed to find some kind of radiation protection for me and my team fast.

And get this…

Before my team and I started this research, we already understood that any scientist who had attempted to do the same research I was about to explore, had previously died from radiation exposure! 

No pressure… Just the risk of losing our lives was all. 

That was…

Until I started running a few tests…

And the findings were shocking!

From day 1 of working on the fusion energy project…

My team and I started using the SBM. 

And right off the bat, I began watching my own health take a major turn…

One that I had never seen before! 

Little things like that post-lunch crash that I used to get, making me want to take a nap, quickly went away.

Little aches and pains from past injuries started to fade away.

It was like I was slowly turning into my younger self somehow.

Even after the project was over…

I noticed I wasn’t just “staying healthy”, I was improving. 

I started to feel even better and stronger.

But It wasn’t until I visited my optometrist that I began to see just how remarkable THIS really was… I had a chronic eye disease that was threatening my vision.

So, I go to my yearly checkup in his office and eventually, he’s shining a light in my eyes looking from one eye to the other. Then he walks over to my file and opens it with this puzzled look.

And this is not like any of the visits I had before so I'm starting to get nervous…

I feel my palms start to sweat sitting in the exam chair as he goes back with his light and starts shining it in my eyes again for a long time. 

I think to myself:

“Am I going blind?” 

But what he told me next had me completely floored.

My doctor was so dumbfounded that he told me: 

“I've never seen this happen before in all the decades of my practice!

Well, it looks like your degenerative eye condition is gone.”

My jaw dropped as I expected to be in worse shape from working on the reactor, plus I was getting older… 

But even then…

Something was working. 

Now, I'm a scientist…  

And I know that just because something works once, doesn’t make it infallible. 

So, eager to test my theories out I began experimenting with them more.

One of my colleagues, Gary, had developed an eye condition worse than mine and was told he was on the quick path to losing his vision.

He had several other chronic inflammatory conditions that were also taking a toll on his health and his quality of life… 

So I shared with him the formula I had developed. 

And in about a year, he was experiencing the same results!

His eye condition, which was much worse than mine, was completely gone... his Doctor was floored...

And that's when I knew I was on to something special.  

And just like you’ve probably already guessed by now…

My story’s not unique.

Now for you… 

It could be the aches and pains that you've been dealing with for years…

Being exhausted and not having the energy to get anything done… 

Much less the process of trying to figure out what's wrong or how to fix it…  

OR wondering if what you're going through is just a part of the inevitable decline of getting older… 

Perhaps its brain fog, forgetting basic things, not able to find the right words when you need them, or even lack of motivation to take care of simple, daily tasks...

Whatever it may be… 

The bottom line is better health isn’t found in more technology or treating your symptoms with surgeries and pills like a mechanic treats a car. 

It's getting to the root cause at the cellular level.

Because the truth is:

Making Healthy Cells = Amazing Health.

This is why I’ve dedicated my life to the research, study, and production of this super antioxidant.

Over the last 5 years, I've been able to help hundreds of thousands of people just like you, completely transform their health and lives just by using this single powerful breakthrough. 

And I can’t wait to see how it transforms your health too!

Here’s why it works so well… 

Do you know what the #1 cause of aging is?..

OR why your body falls apart and becomes susceptible to different forms of sicknesses as you get older?

You’ve most likely heard this word before…

The root cause is inflammation. 

And the top physiological thing that accelerates that process is oxidative stress.

So, when your body gets hit by things like ionizing radiation, free radical molecules form within your body and that’s what’s called oxidative stress…

… Which causes all of the problems we’ve talked about earlier.

So what about all this talk on the SBM? 

How does that fit into the big picture? 

The “Soccer-Ball Molecule” is a molecule that’s made up of 60 carbon atoms… 

Hence the official name behind this complex mechanism: Carbon 60 or C60 for short. 

It’s kinda like a puzzle… 

When all 60 points of carbon are arranged as 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, this molecule forms the shape of a
“hollow-caged, soccer ball.”  

Now imagine for a second that these hollow molecules work like a sponge…

Have you ever dragged a sponge across a puddle of water and watched the sponge soak it all up?

In a nutshell, these “free-radical scavengers” do the same exact thing…

They grab free-radical molecules and neutralize them, — in essence, they “mop upoxidative stress and turn that stress back into water.

This is why the formula we created, C60 Power, works so well …it promotes a healthy inflammatory response and neutralizes oxidative stress throughout your body…

It basically helps your body heal itself naturally, from the inside out, at the cellular level!

Plus, if you don’t do anything for your cells when oxidative stress decides to show up, your body continues to deteriorate which then transforms into much WORSE problems.

And in today's modern world… 

You're exposed to billions of times more electromagnetic radiation than people were 200 years ago. 

And it only gets worse with time… 

As you age, not only do you get exposed to more toxins, but your cells' capacity to produce antioxidants to fight those toxins goes down…

And even with dietary supplements, most antioxidants, and nutrients… 

You can’t take enough of them to balance out the amount of radiation you get bombarded with on a daily basis.

Not to mention…

Just because a supplement says it has C60 in it, doesn’t mean that’s your best choice.

Here’s what you'll never find in other C60 supplements…  

Our Carbon 60 is the highest purity and quality available (99.99% Pure, sublimated Carbon 60, never exposed to solvents.) 

Unlike most C60 supplements that you’ll come across.

We also use 100% certified organic, healthy, farm-direct oils… 

And our products are produced in an FDA-compliant, GMP facility that meets the highest federal and state standards in the USA.

Every batch of  C60 Power  is 3rd-party tested for quality, safety, purity, and potency. 

So when you receive your product… 

You also get a QR code to scan and see the test results of your specific batch!

Because if it doesn't meet our high standards… 

It doesn't leave our facility.


I’ve got something really special that my team and I just recently put together for you. (It’s never been released before!) 

Rather than hand you a big bottle of oil that you have tote around wherever you go…

We’ve made it even easier for you to get your daily dose of C60 without any interruptions.

That's why I’m so excited to introduce you to the world’s very 1st, most delicious, C60 Gummies!

It’s simple, convenient, and absolutely delicious!

It’s no wonder why there’s been such a BIG following behind our C60 Power Formula… 

Many of our customers can’t believe how dramatically different their lives have changed just from taking our C60!

Listen to this:

David W., Ready To GO!

I feel strong, said goodbye to brain fog, and I’m ready to GO!“I have been around people who were sick, and I haven’t come down with a single sniffle. My immune system feels rock solid, my brain fog has disappeared, and I have noticed my sex drive and workout performance have both increased substantially.”

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Debbie S., Obvious Difference!

“This is the only thing I have ever taken where I have received an instant noticeable difference. Honestly, I don't want to go a day without it. It has given me more energy, stamina, it even helps with my bowels, there is a spring in my step, and I know it's the C60. There was an obvious difference when I started with C60 I have improved from being tired and sluggish.”
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David L., Will take the rest of my life!

“I have found that the C60 Purple Power works as advertised and want to continue taking it the rest of my life. I am a senior citizen and what I really notice is the improvement in stamina, alertness, and concentration I now have.”
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Angela C., Symptoms are GONE

“I have severe digestive issues...including chronic constipation, gas, bloating, etc. Since taking the C60 the majority of symptoms are GONE.”
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Immediately begin to see what you’ve been missing out on… 

Reclaim your health and take back your life.

You’ll basically be feeling like your much younger self in no time!

I hope you find C60 Power as life-changing and transforming as it’s been for me ;) 

Because no matter your age… 

Or activity level… 


So, do you have 10 seconds?


In Just 10 Seconds a Day YOU Can…

Protect Your Body from Damage Caused by Oxidative Stress



Promote Healthy Inflammatory Response


Enjoy a More Youthful Appearance with fewer lines and wrinkles

Boost Hair & Nail growth

Lessen the impact of Memory Loss associated with aging

Try It Now, Risk Free!


At C60 Power, customer satisfaction is our top priority. All of our products come with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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