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Are you feeling completely drained?

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, even after sleeping for nine hours?

Have you been feeling this way for weeks now and can't shake it?

Do even the most simple tasks feel unattainable?

Have you been told the only thing you can do is 'eat better', drink more water, and take excessive medications...

And If you've been told that 'it's just part of the aging process'...

You have been lied to...

If so...

You're not alone...
And more importantly, it's not too late.

The truth is that there's a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to get that youthful energy back...

Quite frankly...

You're in the same boat as many seniors who are suffering from a condition known as Free Radical Fatigue.

But what is Free Radical Fatigue?

Well, I'm glad you asked...

oxidative stress
drained women

Free Radical Fatigue is an insidious condition caused by oxidative stress that can cause you to feel exhausted all the time, have difficulty thinking clearly, and struggle to find the motivation to do anything at all...

In fact...

It can cause you to feel like you're stuck in a fog, unable to focus, and you may feel like you're going through the motions...

...like you're on autopilot.

You may feel embarrassed that you're not functioning like you used to...

You may feel like you're letting everyone down and feel like a burden...

You may even feel completely hopeless, and like you're all alone..

But there's real hope.

There is something you can do about Free Radical Fatigue...

Keep reading...

I'm going to share with you the REAL reason you've been feeling so exhausted and why life feels like you are doing a puzzle with missing pieces...

...and what you can do to start feeling like yourself again.


World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy

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So if you're sick of feeling like you're living in slow motion... while everyone else is in high gear...

  • If you dread the sound of your alarm in the morning...
  • Feeling exhausted before the day even begins...
  • Facing the battle of your daily routine...
  • With what feels like lead weights on your arms and legs...
  • Almost like life is just so much more difficult than it should be...
  • If lack of energy causes you to decline from normal activities with friends and family...

I'd like to show you this 'Life Molecule' you can add to your morning routine...

This naturally occurring 'Life Molecule' holds the key to unlocking your energy and getting your life back.

First, let's talk about what's causing your exhaustion and brain fog...

Free Radical Fatigue is causeed by and imbalance of oxidative radicals in the body. Oxidative radicals are molecules that are unstable and always looking to combine with other molecules and damage them.

And more and more science 🥱...

I'll cut to the chase...

These free radicals do damage to your cells, and that is not good...

At all...

To sum it up...

You are essentially RUSTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!


life molecule

These bad boys cause inflammation, accelerated aging, and a whole host of other issues...

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Pain
  • Low libido
  • Lack of motivation
  • Memory problems
  • Poor immune system
  • and the list goes on...

If you ask most people how they keep up their energy as they age...

You will get a pretty consistent answer...


Caffeine is a popular pick-me-up for people who need a boost of energy...

Whether it's a cup of coffee in the morning, an energy drink in the afternoon, or a soda in the evening, many people use caffeine to get the quick burst of energy they need throughout the day.

However, while caffeine may be temporarily helpful, it can also have a negative impact on your health...

  • Raise your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increases anxiety
  • Sleep interference
  • Use the bathroom more
  • Dehydration
  • Dependence
  • Increases stress hormonal levels
  • And over time can have the exact opposite effect...

I'm certainly not telling you to stop caffeine...
What I am saying is...
I have excellent news for you...
About time, right?

FINALLY, There Is A Better Way... 🥳


World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy

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Hundreds of thousands of People Across The World Are Using This "Life Molecule" To Turn Back The Clock...


And in only 30 days when adding this powerful life molecule to their daily morning routine...
Many are DELIGHTED to find that...

  • They are finally sleeping through the night...
  • Waking up refreshed, ready to take on the world...
  • Feeling mentally sharper...
  • They feel more happy and energetic...
  • Thoughts are more focused...
  • They are starting to lose weight naturally...
  • Taking on more challenges without feeling overwhelmed...
  • Improved mood and outlook on life...
  • Spending quality time with friends and family...
  • Feeling more productive and creative...
  • Experiencing an improved sex drive...
  • Having more energy for exercise...
  • Seeing positive changes in their physical appearance...

Living a vibrant, energetic life with all of these added benefits might sound like a fairytale dream right now...

But I promise you it is absolutely, 100% possible...

And all it takes is 1 SIMPLE STEP each morning.


By the way...

My name is Kenneth Swartz...

People call me "Ken the Scientist".

Over the years I have run several research science laboratories. I discovered the ‘Life Molecule’ for myself while working on a fusion reactor project...

During my research, I became aware of the powerful free radical neutralizing properties of the 'Life Molecule'...

I first began using the ‘Life Molecule’ as a radiation protectant while leading the fusion research project...

About 8 months after I started taking the ‘Life Molecule’, I had a profoundly positive experience occur with my health.*

My personal experience with the ‘Life Molecule’ was so profound that I decided to dedicate my life to the research, study, and manufacturing of the 'Life Molecule'.

I want to tell you about a couple of events that led to me dedicating my life to the research and development of the Life Molecule...


I mentioned leading the team developing the MOXY fusion reactor...

This is a dangerous research assignment that required me to work in a highly radioactive environment...

I started reading about this molecule that was discovered in outer space and was able to survive the high levels of radiation found there.

And did it have the potential to protect me against radiation?

There was an experiment using it with lab rats, and exposing them to deadly amounts of radiation. But the rats that had been given this little magic soccer ball shaped molecule, seem to shrug it off, no worries, while the ones that didn’t get the ‘Life Molecule’ all quickly died.

what c60 white

This Molecule is called Carbon 60, C60 for short...

A special allotrope of carbon that acts as a free radical sponge.

And so I ordered some from a couple of sources for my team, as I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

When the project began, we all started taking it. Even after the project was over, what I noticed was not only was I staying healthy, but I started to even feel better and stronger...

Little things like that post-lunch crash that I used to get that made me want to take a nap went away.

Little aches and pains from past injuries also seem to fade.

But I knew I was onto something special when I visited my optometrist...

I had a chronic eye issue that was threatening my vision.

So, I go to my yearly checkup in his office and eventually he is shining a light in my eyes looking from one eye to the other. Well, it was taking a really long time going from one eye to the other over and over again.

Then he walks over to my file and opens it with this puzzled look. And this is not like any of the visits I had before so I'm starting to get nervous…

I feel my palms start to sweat sitting in the exam chair as he goes back with his light and starts shining it in my eyes again for a long time. I think to myself, “am I going to go blind?”.

He goes back to look at my file and takes one last look at my eyes and moves on other parts of the examination. At the end of the examination, he tells me, “well, it looks like your degenerative eye condition is no longer here. And I've never seen this happen before in decades of practice.”

Now my jaw dropped, as I was expecting to be worse from my time with the reactor and just getting older, but something was working...

Now, I'm a scientist. And I know that just one thing happening is a fluke, and wanted to learn a little and experiment with this.


One of my colleagues, Gary, had developed an eye condition worse than mine and was told he was on the quick path to losing his vision.

He had several of other chronic inflammatory conditions that were also taking a toll on his health and his quality of life...

And so I shared with him a C60 formula I had developed. And in about a year, he was experiencing the same results.

His eye condition was no longer an issue after more than a year and a half of taking the life molecule…

And that's when I knew I was on to something special.


World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy

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My story is not unique.

For me it was a degenerative eye condition, and facing the dangers of radiation exposure that led me to this health discovery.

Now for you, it could be the aches and pains that you've had for many years, being exhausted and not having the energy to get through your workday, much less the process of trying to figure out what's wrong or what to do about it.

Or wondering if what you're going through is just the inevitable process of getting older.

I believe that the biggest gap in health these days is not in more technology or treating symptoms with surgeries and pills, like a mechanic treats a car. It's getting to the root cause at the cellular level. Making healthy cells leads to good health. And that's what I discovered on this journey.

And that's what I'm going to be sharing with you today. Over the last five years, I've helped 10s of 1000s of health-conscious and performance-driven individuals just like you beat chronic fatigue and inflammation faster and easier than they've ever imagined.


Introducing the World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy



Even before you go out the door and go to work in the morning, you're exposed to 300 to 500 toxic chemicals that can cause this oxidative stress.

And in today's modern world, you're being exposed to billions of times more electromagnetic radiation than people were 200 years ago...

And this is only going to be increasing with time...

As we get older, not only are we being exposed to more toxins, but as we start to age, our cells capacity to produce antioxidants to fight those toxins goes down...

And even with dietary supplements, many antioxidants, and nutrients, you can’t take enough to balance out what we’re experiencing now.

And antioxidants prevent oxidative radicals from rusting out your cells and body...

This is why I am so excited to introduce you to the C60 POWER Gummies...

It's the world's first...

It is truly the creation I am most proud of...

No matter your age...

No matter your activity level...


Normand F.

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Love the Benefits of C60!
Enjoy taking daily!

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Great Product

Very smooth and effective. Made me feel great!

Thank you

Tedi M.

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C60 Purple Power

I 💜💜💜 These gummies. They are approximately the size of a USA 1/2 dollar...

I wish they had no sugary coating, but a person can wipe-wash that off... I 💜💜💜 The tart Cherry flavor

Eni B.

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Energy through the roof!

Never in my life have I experienced such a change in my health after taking a supplement.

Linda W.

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Thank you!

I have more energy and stamina. I have knee replacements and they do not hurt like they used to.

Ben G.

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I LOVE THEM! Regular or Sugar Free. I add them to my smoothies for extra texture. They work great!


World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy

*Get Up To 30% Off while Supplies Last!

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Aging… we can’t make it stop, but can we at least SLOW IT DOWN A LITTLE?!

There are some antioxidants you can't get from food, your body has to make them. But, as you age, your body's antioxidant production declines drastically, thereby increasing your exposure to harmful free radicals.

Left unchecked, oxidative stress does serious damage to cells, slows down energy production to a grinding halt, accelerates aging, and causes rampant inflammation in the body.

Until this ‘Life Molecule’ came along, there was no way to effectively supplement the antioxidants that your body has to make, like SOD and Catalase. Sure, you might see some of these available at your local grocery store…but you can take all the capsules in the world, none of it is going to make it past the gut barrier and get to where it’s actually needed…

The ‘Life Molecule’ gets past the gut barrier and the blood-brain barrier, and it can protect you from oxidative stress at the cellular level. So, there is nowhere for free radicals to hide.


These powerful little treats pack a punch!

Let’s talk about how powerful an antioxidant this ‘Life Molecule’ really is…

Well, to put it in perspective, this molecule is considered by some scientists who’ve studied it to be 200 times more powerful than Vitamin C. That’s a lot of orange juice!

orange juice

Antioxidants are your body's way of defense against oxidative stress. But, as you age, antioxidant production declines, accelerating the aging process. C60 is thought to be the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered.

Not only can C60 help maximize the efficiency of the cells in producing energy, but it may also provide cellular protection against many toxic environmental factors that contribute to free-radical damage.

C60 is a naturally occurring molecule and the most powerful antioxidant known to mankind!

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In just 20 seconds a day...



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Mental Clarity

Optimizes Mitochondrial


Promotes Energy
& Stamina

Supports Athletic
Performance & Recovery


Linda H.

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New Tart Cherry gummies

These are so convenient to take. Easy to take them with you when you're on the go and they're delicious.

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Love them!

I love these gummies. i got them for my son, but i find myself sneaking them every morning too!

Amie H. - The Thyroid Fixer

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They are so delicious!

I have been using C60 Gummies when I have a sugar craving and don't want to eat something unhealthy. They not only give me extra energy, but they also really curb my sweet tooth. They are so delicious!

Bix W.

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They taste great!

They taste great and come individually wrapped so I can take them with me on the road! These are even easier than the oil products, but just as powerful.

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I use them every day!

These are AMAZING! I use them every day in the AM and they my endurance has increased. I was surprised that I'm able to lift heavier and not get tired as easily.

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It's been 15 months.

Great energy, mood, and overall boost! Feeling healthier by the day! I 💜 this product!

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Wow!! What A Difference......

My Energy Levels Are Higher… all I can say is WOW!!

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Thank you immensely for availing this product to the general public!


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Sugar-Free Gummies

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Sweetened with Allulose and Monk Fruit


Ingredients: Liquid Allulose, Power Allulose, C60 Oil (Virgin Coconut Oil, 99.99% Pure Carbon Fullerenes), CP Pectin (Malto-Dextrin, Pectin, Sodium Citrate), Erythritol, Water, Citric Acid, Natural Black Cherry Flavor, Monk Fruit Juice, Tapioca Fiber, Concentrated Berries (for color), Sunflower Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness).

Contains: Coconut

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What is C60?

C60” is short for Carbon 60, a molecule found in nature and considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants known.

What is C60 good for?
Why do people take C60?
Will C60 oil affect my medication?
Who should not use C60?
Does C60 have a stimulating effect?

World's First C60 "Life Molecule" Gummy

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